Understanding Your Bill

Understanding Your Bill

Explanation of Charges

Listed below is an explanation of the various charges that may appear on your monthly billing statement.

Energy Supply Charge

The energy supply charge is the cost for the generation and transmission of power to Steuben Rural Electric Cooperative's substations.  The energy costs are variable.  This reflects the monthly charges Steuben Rural Electric Cooperative pays for purchasing the energy used by our members monthly.  The charge is calculated each month based on the amount of electric the member uses.

Distribution Charge

The distribution charge is the cost of delivering the power from the transmission line through the substation to your transformer.  The charge is calculated each month based on the amount of electric the member uses.


The NYS CES ZEC charge is a NYS mandated charge under the Clean Energy Standard Order, issued on August 01, 2016 by the NYS Public Service Commission.  The charge will provide funding for Tier 3 of the Clean Energy Standard Order.  For more information please visithttps://www.nyserda.ny.gov/Clean-Energy-Standard.

Demand Charge

The demand charge is based upon the demand for electric service by a commercial member.  It is the charge for highest kilowatt demand for any period of 30 minutes during the billing period.

Customer Charge

The customer charge is a monthly charge that Steuben Rural Electric Cooperative members pay to help recover a portion of the cost of delivering electric energy to all members.  It's reflective of the investment in poles, wires, transformers and equipment necessary to provide you with electric service.  It also supports fleet, facility and customer service functions, such as line maintenance, right-of-way clearing and general administrative responsibilities. 

The charge is the same each month, no matter how much electricity is used.  Because all members benefit from having reliable electric service available when they need it, the customer charge allows everyone to pay a share of the basic costs.  Some of our members use a lot of electricity all year long, and some may use electricity only one or two months per year.  Whether you use a lot or a little, the cost of getting electric power to your location remains the same.

Late Payment Charge

To avoid a penalty your payment must reach our office by the "due date" printed on the bill.  A 1.5% penalty will apply if payment is received after the due date printed on the bill.

Returned Check Charge 

A $30 returned check charge will be assessed for any checks that are not honored.

Security Light Charge

The security light charge is the monthly charge for those members renting a security light from Steuben Rural Electric Cooperative.