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Surge Protection

Lightning and power surges can strike at any moment and can destroy or cause expensive damage to your equipment and appliances.  Being prepared for these unexpected surges and spikes can make a big difference in protecting your equipment.

Lighting is often the cause of power surges, but other factors such as birds, squirrels and trees interfering with power lines can cause a power surge.  Construction work, demand fluctuations in your home, and auto accidents involving utility poles can have the same effect.

We want to help you shield your equipment and appliances by installing an affordable surge protector.  Steuben Rural Electric offers a wide range of surge protective devices to meet every member's needs.  Steuben Rural Electric has researched and found a line of surge protectors that have a good warranty, great pricing and excellent protection.  Stop by the office and purchase some today. 


Product Line Information & Prices

  • TESCO TES-240R - $112.80 + tax
    • Description: Hard Wire Surge Arrestor
    • Application: Residential, Home Office & Light Industrial
    • Installation: Wired at the buildings entry point by a qualified electrician
  • TESCO TES-240MSA - $142.98 + tax
    • Description: Meter Base Surge Arrestor
    • Application: Residential & Home Office
    • Installation: Installed at the meter base by a cooperative employee
  • TESCO TES-4PCT - $64.32 + tax
    • Description: 8 Outlet Surge Strip
    • Application: Residential & Home Office
    • Installation: Self Installation
    • Description: Whole House Kit
    • Includes: TES 4PCT, TES 1PC, TES 1PT and TES 1P
    • Application: Residential & Home Office
    • Installation: Self Installation


Steuben Rural Electric also offers a variety of panel surge protectors that can be installed by a qualified electrician. Steuben Rural Electric is also available to order other TESCO products to meet the needs of its members. Please contact for further details on any of the products listed above or other general questions.

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